We recommend our Kopar Adventure menu, enjoy a true Icelandic flavours through our courses!

The Kopar Adventure

Kopar Adventure**

The chefs have put together a nine course  menu

*Only for the table to share

*Contains nuts

10.900 kr. per person 

Fish Adventure*

Three course menu*

Cod tongues with garlic and sherry cream cheese

Catch of the day prepared in a modern way

Daim cheesecake with skyr sorbet

8.900 kr. per person

*Contains nuts

Appetizer Adventure*

Appetizer to please and cheer

We have put together a appetizer adventure menu of our most popular courses.

Six tasting courses and a pre drink.

Let us take you on a real appetizer adventure.

Glass of sparkling wine

Cod tongues served with sherry & garlic flavoured cream cheese

Tuna with garlic chips

Icelandic scallops with dill cream and wakame

Crab cake with fluffy remoulade

Rockcrab soup with crab meat and shrimps

Blueberry cured beef tenderloin

5.900 kr. per person

*only served for the whole table to share.

*contains nuts

Kopar recommends


Cod tongues

Served with sherry & garlic
flavoured cream cheese
and lemon dip.

2.290 kr.

Tuna “harbour style”

Lightly seared tuna with garlic chips.
2.290 kr.

The Holy Crab

A taster of all things crabby,

rockcrab soup, crab cake & crab salad.

All served together on a single platter.

2.790 kr.

Delicious from the shell


Icelandic Scallops from Breiðafjörður

Fresh scallop ceviche with wagame sala, dill mayo and crispy dill crumble.

2.390 kr.


Grilled langoustine

With lobster champagne sauce,

grilled asparagus and pinapple.

small 4.190 kr

big 7.900 kr.

Rockcrab soup

Rich and delicious soup

with crab meat, shrimp, spinach and

bean sprouts.

2.790 kr.


Crab cakes

Spicy crab cakes with a crunchy exterior, served

with fluffy remoulade.

2.490 kr.

Mussels & crispy sweet fries

Mussels steamed in a creamy white wine sauce, served with crispy sweet potato fries with aioli.

small 2.490 kr.

Big 4.490 kr.

Brazzerie courses

Appetizers ideal to share or not, begin or end. Or both.

Grilled lamb cutles & blue cheese

With red onion jam, sea buck thorn glaze and horseradish.

2.390 kr.


Cheese assortments for the cheese lover*

3 Sorts of top cheese

for the cheese enthusiast.

Served parma ham,

olives and honey.

2.390 kr.

*Contains nuts

Blueberry cured beef tenderloin

Served with parmeggiano crisp and caramelized walnuts.

 2.490 kr.


Deepfried Camembert

With cranberries and pecan nuts

1.890 kr.


Truffle fries

Potato chips with truffle mayo

1.290 kr.

Fried greens and more

Asparagus, pineapple, red bell, pepper and leeks in a crispy dough served with a chilli dip & miso mayo.

2.190 kr.

Crispy Sweet potato fries

Served with aioli.

1.290 kr.

Green salad

Olives, pickled cucumber & lemon oil.

1.090 kr.

Main Courses

Catch of the day*

Prepared with a modern and exciting twist every day.

4.390 kr

*May contain nuts

Ling and langoustine salad

Gratinated Ling with langoustine salad in a basil mayo. Served with cauliflower & small potatoes. Dressed in a buttery beurre blanc with capers.

4.790 kr.

Lobster and Crab risotto

Creamy risotto packed full with the biggest treats of the Ocean: Crab and Lobster. Shellfish sauce and fennel salad.
4.990 kr.

Salted fillet of Icelandic cod*

With butternut squash puree and a warm salad of butternut, jerusalem artichokes and quinoa. Served with roasted hazelnuts and mandarin sauce.

4.990 kr.

*Contains nuts

Icelandic fillet of lamb with crispy fat

Wonderfully succulent with truffle mashed potatoes, grilled carrots, bearnaise sauce and a puree of mushroom and port.

6.290 kr.

Grilled & glazed horese fille

Balsamico glazed horse filled with buttered mini shiitake mushrooms, salt crusted celeriac, grilled and crispy sweet potatoes & a Bourbon beef glaze.

6.490 kr.

Zucchini “spaghetti style” with chick pea balls.

Accompanied by roasted cherry tomatoes & generous shavings of parmeggiano and basil.

*Contains nuts

4.390 kr.

Grilled langoustine

Served with lobster champagne sauce,

grilled asparagus and pineapple.

big 7.900 kr.


Daim Cheesecake

Soft cheesecake with raspberry
sauce, skyr sorbet and white chocolate.
2.290 kr.

Caramel cake

Served with italian meringue, dulse de leche and white chocolate mousse and a lemon sorbet.

2.290 kr.

SKYR, blueberries and almond créme brulée*

Warm apple cinnamon compote

with almond créme brulée and skyr pudding. Served with pistachios and blueberry sorbet.

*Contains nuts

2.290 kr.

Adventurous desserts**

Mixed desserts for the table to share.
2.490 kr. per person
*Served for minimum two 

*May contain nuts

Chocolate tart upside down

Caramel chocolate mousse, passion sorbet and honeycomb crumble.

2.290 kr. per person