Food and Fun – Kopar Restaurant

Guest Chef:

Amandine Chaignot

Executive Chef:

Ylfa Helgadóttir


Text from Amandine:
All chefs say that it starts during childhood…

I grew up in a happy family where the whole house life was gravitating around a large wooden table. Diners meals were not over-complicated, but always made with garden vegetables, meat from the butcher and the desire to do well. I believe my mum gave me the taste for genuine things, a kind of generous simplicity. When I was young I dreamt about becoming a firefighter, veterinary, adventurer, designer. To respect the family tradition I started the pharmacy Uni, before realizing that what I was craving for was something else…

Quickly I found myself at the Ferrandi cooking school where I learnt the basis. The Mother sauces, puff pastry, soufflés, béchamel sauce. Then professional kitchens in restaurants. Thrown in the deep end. My very first chef, Mark Singer took me under his wing, and slowly I found my place in the team. La Maison de l’Aubrac, La Maison Prunier, le Plaza Athénée… I’m lucky enough to meet and work for the most famous chefs ; Alain Ducasse, Jean-Francois Piège, Yannick Alléno, Eric Fréchon… beyond the “savoir faire”, they passed on to me their passion, their sensitivity, their inspiration… and there’s a bit of all of them in the plates I cook nowadays.

I’m often asked to describe my cuisine, to define what is my style. .. And believe me there’s nothing as complicated as that. My roots are French, but I’m inspired by what surrenders me, what I like. My cuisine is reflecting what I am; simple, spontaneous, sincere. It just takes different forms according to circumstances and the mood of the day, but never without gourmandise and generosity.

Because at the end of it, that is the only thing that matters ; pleasure and sharing.

Food & Fun Menu – Kopar Restaurant


Ostafroða, stökkt brauð
Cheese foam, croutons

Krabbi, hnúðkál, súrur & frönsk skelfisks biska
Crab, kohlrabi, bisk, sorrel
Vínpörun: Spy Valley Sauvignon blanc, Nýja Sjáland/New Zealand

Bleikja & blómkál, brennt capers smjör
Arctic char, cauliflower, capers brown butter
Vínpörun: Réne Muré Signature Pinot Gris, Frakkland/France

Grillað kálfafille á beini & smjörsteikt kálfabris
Kartöflu mússúlína, engifer, hvítlaukur & kóríander
Grilled veal fillet on the bone, veal sweetbreads,
potato moussoline, ginger, coriander
Vínpörun: Brunello di Montalcino-Castelani, Ítalía/Italy

Núggat rjómaís & kaffikrem
Frozen creamy nougatine, coffee cream
Vínpörun: Las Moras Late Harvest, Argentína/Argentina

Matseðill/Menu 8.900.- kr
Með sérvöldum vínum / With selected wines 17.400.- kr